High Frequency Word Worksheets & Games BUNDLE | Editable Version - learning-at-the-primary-pond
High Frequency Word Worksheets & Games BUNDLE | Editable Version - learning-at-the-primary-pond
High Frequency Word Worksheets & Games BUNDLE | Editable Version - learning-at-the-primary-pond
High Frequency Word Worksheets & Games BUNDLE | Editable Version - learning-at-the-primary-pond

High Frequency Word Worksheets & Games BUNDLE | Editable Version

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Getting students to learn and remember high frequency words can be very challenging! It's also difficult to find meaningful activities for high frequency words (you might call them "sight words") so students can practice independently.

This FULLY EDITABLE High Frequency Words Worksheets and Games Bundle makes all of this easier! This bundle is for teachers who want to give their students meaningful activities so that they can master high frequency words quickly - and improve their reading fluency! And, the fully editable PowerPoint files make it easy for teachers to design pages based on their needs and print them out for in-person learning.

Here's a little background on effective high frequency word learning:

>> Sometimes kids learn high frequency words through rote memorization / visually learning what a word looks like.

>> Unfortunately, research shows that this is not the path to true word mastery!

>> Instead, we need to activate 3 different parts of our students' brains (the sounds, spelling, and meaning of a word).

>> Students also need to continue practicing decoding (reading) and encoding (writing) these words to “make them stick.”

>> This will help these new words eventually become “sight words,” or words a student can recognize instantly.

This High Frequency Words Worksheet and Games Bundle is based on this research! It has students:

  1. Activate the part of the brain where the spelling of the word is stored by: tracing, finding, writing, and spelling the word aloud with multi-sensory practice.
  2. Activate the part of the brain where the sounds of the word are stored by: segmenting the word and writing the word in sound boxes.
  3. Activate the part of the brain where the meaning of the word is stored by: reading sentences with the word, reading passages with the word, and writing their own sentences.
  4. Work on retaining their word learning by: playing a variety of games with decoding and encoding practice.

Included in this bundle are:

  • 4 unique versions of a focus sheet template that you can edit in PowerPoint for easy use with any high frequency word list
  • 2 unique editable passage pages and a blank running record for you to create short stories with your high frequency words
  • Fully editable “Find and Sort” pages for students to practice reading and writing high frequency words
  • A fully editable page for you to create cloze sentences, where students use their knowledge of sentence structure and high frequency words to fill in the appropriate word
  • An editable page for students to practice writing their own sentences that use the high frequency words they're learning
  • 1 memory match game for students to practice word identification
  • 6 games where students practice decoding (reading) the words
  • 5 games where students practice encoding (writing) the words 
  • 2 decoding games for every 10 words
  • 1 small group Bingo game for every 20 words
  • 1 decoding game for every 20 words

Note: This product comes as two separate editable PowerPoint files -- one for the worksheets and one for the games. The product is also designed for in-person learning, meaning the files are set up for easy printing versus displaying digitally.

Want to see just how helpful these High Frequency Word Worksheets & Games Bundle can be in your classroom? Download the FREE product preview to see how the materials are organized and what types of activities are included!

Looking for High Frequency Words Bundles for specific word lists (i.e. Fry or Dolch)? Click here!

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High Frequency Word Worksheets & Games BUNDLE | Editable Version

$14.00 Regular price $19.00

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Our Canadian customers tell us that it’s best to purchase one grade level down. If you teach first grade, for example, try a Kindergarten product. You can also check the preview file of any resource in our TpT store to see example lessons to help you make your decision!

These games are great! I love that there is an assessment with it so I can really see what skills my students need more practice with. Once they learn the games they are able to do them independently as well.

Alecia D.
Verified Customer

I used this resource when a couple of my students picked decoding multisyllabic words as their goal. This really allowed them to work on their goal independently! I loved that they were able to own their learning.

Aubrey S.
Verified Customer

My students love these games for small groups, and once some of them are able to play them independently, they are able to teach others! Great academic skill review that is fun for them!

Barbara P.
Verified Customer

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