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Reading Comprehension Strategies Curriculum for Kindergarten and First Grade

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Teach reading comprehension strategies with these lesson plans, posters, graphic organizers, and materials for your Kindergarten or first grade students!




This 380+ page yearlong curriculum is designed to teach Kindergarteners and 1st graders reading comprehension strategies.


Each unit focuses on a different reading comprehension strategy. The lessons gradually release responsibility to students, so that students can eventually use the reading strategies as they read independently. The lessons include notes about how to differentiate based upon your students' abilities and grade levels.


Each unit contains complete minilessons, posters, Common Core alignment, checklists and rubrics, graphic organizers, printables, and teacher tips.


The lessons do not require specific books - they provide suggestions and recommendations for what type of text to use, but you can use the titles you already have in your classroom.


You can use the lessons as reading workshop lessons and/or with your daily readaloud.


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This entire curriculum contains nine units - please click on each unit individually for more information and to view the preview files:

1. Readers Read for a Purpose

2. Readers Use Their Schema

3. Readers Make Predictions

4. Readers Retell Stories, Details, and Main Ideas

5. Readers Make Text-to-Text Connections

6. Readers Use Illustrations and Text Features

7. Readers Create Mental Images

8. Readers Ask Questions

9. Readers Make Inferences


The curriculum was designed around best practices in reading instruction and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.


Please view the preview file and ask any questions you may have before you purchase!


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