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Second Grade Spanish Writing Workshop Curriculum Bundle

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This is a set of Spanish writing units designed for second grade students. The lessons cover narrative, opinion, and informational writing. Materials for the entire year are included!

The materials in this curriculum will help you:
- Get your students producing lots of writing!
- Establish writing workshop procedures that increase students' independence
- Engage students in meaningful, enjoyable writing activities
- Challenge students as writers, while still honoring their developmental needs
- Significantly cut down on your planning and prep time

Here's what the curriculum includes:
- 8 units that teach writing workshop routines and procedures, personal narratives, informational/nonfiction/"all about" writing, opinion pieces and letters, biographies, science experiment reports, and poetry

- 156 complete, detailed minilessons with objectives, Common Core standards, materials, and procedures listed (great for subs or maternity leave)

- Daily language arts/grammar exercises (i.e. sentence fixing, sentence combining) that complement the minilessons

- Posters, visual aids, graphic organizers, an alphabet chart, a writing stages display, materials to make genre bulletin boards, and other printable materials (all color materials also have black and white versions)

- An assessment structure that assesses students’ writing at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year (with comprehensive narrative, information, and opinion writing rubrics)

- Additional student- and parent-friendly rubrics 

- Organizational materials for you (anecdotal note form, conferring schedule, and checklists)

Important information about language:
- Teacher lesson plans are written completely in English.

- All student materials and materials that might be sent home are included in SPANISH.

- You will also receive links to download all Spanish materials in English, in case you also sometimes teach writing in English. 

- Mentor text suggestions include Spanish texts.

Individual units:
- These units are not available individually, but you still receive the bundle discount price. (The price to purchase all the individual units in this bundle would be $69.75)

- Please view the preview images for a complete list of units and lessons, as well as many sample lessons to read through. This will give you a good sense of what the curriculum includes!

Please contact Alison at if you have any questions about the materials!