Small Group Narrative Writing Lessons for Second Grade - learning-at-the-primary-pond
Small Group Narrative Writing Lessons for Second Grade - learning-at-the-primary-pond
Small Group Narrative Writing Lessons for Second Grade - learning-at-the-primary-pond
Small Group Narrative Writing Lessons for Second Grade - learning-at-the-primary-pond

Small Group Narrative Writing Lessons for Second Grade


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This is a set of narrative writing lessons for second grade!


Do some of your students need extra help to improve their writing? Do you want to target students' specific needs with quick, fun small group lessons?


Easily differentiate your writing instruction with these low-prep lessons!


These mini-minilessons are designed to be quick, interactive, and hands-on. They are perfect for small group activities. You can give struggling writers extra help AND challenge your more advanced writers with these materials. All printable materials (color and B&W) are included for you to implement the lessons.


**This resource is part of a complete small group writing lessons bundle for second grade, which you can view HERE.**



How long do these lessons last?

Each lesson will last about 5 -10 minutes.


How many lessons should I teach each day?

As few or as many as you want. :-) Some days you may not get to teach any small group writing lessons, and other days you may have time for several. There is no sequence to follow or required number of lessons per week. This resource is extremely flexible and can be used however works best for you.


How will I know which lessons to teach?

Each genre comes with an "If...then" chart that has you select the area you want to target (i.e. spaces between words) and then directs you to a few different minilessons to address the topic.


What kinds of topics are covered in the lessons?

A wide range - you can see a complete list of the lessons in the preview file!


Can I use these lessons to give writing interventions?

Absolutely. If you have students who are struggling with specific aspects of writing, this resource will provide you with different activities to meet their individual needs.


Are these lessons good for English language learners?

Yes! Many of these lessons are very hands-on and interactive.


Is this a writing curriculum?

These lessons in themselves are NOT designed to be a complete curriculum. They can complement any writing curriculum and provide further support to students who struggle or need an additional challenge. If you are looking for a complete writing curriculum for second grade, please click HERE!


Will these go with my writing curriculum?

As long as you are teaching personal narratives or any kind of story writing, yes! These lessons are designed to be extremely flexible.


How many lessons are included?

45 lessons are included in the bundle.


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As a first year Kindergarten teacher, I was in a panic trying to figure out how to teach the foundations of reading. This club saved my sanity. Not only did I get structured plans but the advice and knowledge of how to apply it all and create my own lessons in the future. This club let me learn with others and improve myself as a teacher. Truly a blessing.

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These games are great! I love that there is an assessment with it so I can really see what skills my students need more practice with. Once they learn the games they are able to do them independently as well.

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The 1st & 2nd Grade Literacy Club is the perfect supplement for any teacher to up their literacy instruction. My students love the leveled monthly passages, and I love catching up on the recorded ones available through the website. I have used the Intervention Central resources to differentiate for individual students and small groups. I really can't say enough about the amazing resources and like-minded community!

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My file isn’t printing correctly. How do I fix this?

The vast majority of printing problems can be fixed with the “Print as Image” solution in Adobe Reader! Learn more about how to do that here HERE.

Where can I learn more about your literacy products and how to use them?

We have a free catalog that walks you through my main resources. It can help you decide which resources are right for you and your students! You can grab the catalog HERE.

I teach in a split-grade class (i.e. 1st and 2nd). How should I select products for my students?

Alison always recommends getting the lower of the two grade levels. So if you teach in a 1st and 2nd grade class, get a 1st grade version. You can always differentiate in small groups or 1:1 to challenge your more advanced students!

I teach in Canada and am looking to buy some of your literacy products. How does the Canadian curriculum align to the U.S. curriculum?

Our Canadian customers tell us that it’s best to purchase one grade level down. If you teach first grade, for example, try a Kindergarten product. You can also check the preview file of any resource in our TpT store to see example lessons to help you make your decision!

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